FLUIBALL the first ball for a highly intensive neuromuscular training

Why is Fluiball an innovative medicine ball?

It is the first ball ever to have a variable quantity of liquid inside.

The instability and the water unpredictability turns any exercise into a truly high-intensive neuromuscular training.

FLUIBALL exploits the patented technology of "Sudden Dynamic Impulse": for the first time, it is possible to generate light, sound and tactile stimulations, as well as motor interferences, during a training activity. These impulses perturb the motor gesture, forcing the athlete to a much higher muscular activation.

5 Different Diameters

Kg 0.5 | kg 0.75| kg 1 | kg1.5
Kg 1 | kg 2 | kg 3
kg 4 | kg 5| kg 6
Kg 7 | kg 8 | kg 9
kg 10| kg 11| kg 12

Fluid Inside

The liquid destabilizes any exercise, creating instability conditions during each movement. Each weight and related diameter is identified by a specific color.

Time Resistant

The materials technology makes Fluiball a time resistant tool. Safe in terms of hygiene and accident prevention.

Soft Shock

Due to its softness, Fluiball is a one-of-a-kind functional tool. You can throw it, lift it or slam it, causing no harm to people or surfaces.


Different weights and diameters allow the user to customize his training programs, improving the strength of his arms, legs and core.


With Fluiball, any hard movement becomes fun, pleasant and harmonious.

FLUIBALL in 45 seconds
fluiball fitness equipment


Increased Metabolic Consumption

Fluiball perfectly replaces standard training tools. You can use it for any kind of training program, burning up to 500 calories per session

fluiball Rugby cariparma


Improved Sport Performances

Instability conditions improve the benefits of functional training, requiring a constant neuromuscular activation

fluiball riabilitazione spalla


Quicker Functional Recovery

From prevention to strengthening programs, rehab with Fluiball is dynamic, functional and highly intensive in terms of proprioception

Compared to traditional toning and strengthening tools, Fluiball multiplies the potential applications

Fluiball is suitable for functional training, prevention, physiotherapy, standard training and strengthening of advanced athletes.

Due to its didactic progression, Fluiball is easily implemented in several training typologies, from the easiest to the hardest one.
The intensity of the exercise is defined by the weight and the size of the ball, as well as the condition of the liquid inside: the more dynamic it is, the more difficult the performance will be.

Due to the liquid inside, this innovative medicine ball allows the user to improve his body’s stability during the training, helping him to find balance between movement and weight.

Fluiball allena la forza


It strengthens arms, legs and core in a dynamic way

fluiball allena l'agilità


It develops neuromuscular coordination with specific workouts

fluiball allena l'equilibrio


Proprioception is trained in a more intensive way, due to the weights instability


It trains cardiac and respiratory endurance


Fluiball has been conceived as a destabilizing tool. The user can train strength by displacing a weight, or he can work on proprioceptive principles, learning to control balance and motor gestures.

Fluiball improves strength and stamina

It is the only and first functional tool to have a variable dynamic weight

Fluiball improves the posture

Strengthening stabilizes muscles and core stability

Fluiball improves coordination
and fluidity

Training movements, not single muscles

Fluiball improves sport performances

Using athletic and conditioning prep programs, specific for each sport

Fluiball improves balance

Due to the instability, the user is constantly searching for balance

Fluiball improves the muscular tone

Applying variable weights to each training

Fluiball improves the metabolic consumption

Due to the destabilizing factor

Fluiball reduces the risk of injuries

Improving the range of motion and stabilizing the joints

Renew your club's offer

A complete set of Medicine Balls to innovate and differentiate your active courses

FLUIBALL Group Activity

What’s more fun than a ball?

Try Fluiball, the innovative medicine sphere. Use it in your group activities. Its wide weights’ range allows the user to develop customized training programs. The aim is to improve the workouts from an athletic point of view, increasing as well team motivation and involvement. With one tool, you will be able to update training formats already employed in your club.

FLUIBALL Personal Training

With this tool, you can create endless fun and effective workout programs.

Proprioceptive impulses improve athletes’ skills in a significant way. Compared to standard functional tools, with Fluiball any exercise will be more intense leading the user to a higher calories consumption.

Become a certified Fluiball trainer

Are you ready to lead the next fitness revolution?

Learn how to master Fluiball participating in our intensive PT and Group activity courses. Start creating customized training sessions to suit your clients’ needs.

Its specific “warp and weft” makes it nearly unbreakable.
The materials technology keeps it soft and easy to handle.
That’s why Fluiball is a one-of-a-kind tool.

Resistant and safe, they are perfect for indoor training, at home, at the gym or at the swimming pool.
It is also suitable for outdoor activities, in parks and playing fields.
You can shake Fluiball, throw it, and slam it causing absolute no harm to users nor surfaces.

fluiball indoor



fluiball in piscina


One tool, endless solutions

Due to its features, Fluiball becomes essential for disciplines such as yoga, Pilates, aqua gym and postural training.
In case of Pilates, Fluiball could replace standard balls already employed for isometric and proprioceptive training.
Concerning pre and post-natal rehabilitation, children pshyco-motricity training and muscular activation programs for elderly people, with Fluiball it is possible to train and strengthen articular mobility in the correct way.
In case of physiotherapy, this tool can be implemented in a dynamic and highly proprioceptive rehab program. It is also useful for the functional recovery of lower and upper limbs.

The best clubs in the world already chose Fluiball


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